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Preventing lead poisoning is key to putting children on the right track

Thursday, November 26, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Samantha Porter
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"CLEVELAND, Ohio -- If there were just a handful of things parents could do in the first 2,000 days of their child's life to put them on a successful path, preventing exposure to lead-based paint would be near the top.

The toxin is present in most homes built before lead additives were banned in 1978. It is also found in the soil, where it was deposited for decades by cars and trucks that formerly used leaded gasoline.

Curious little ones ingest lead, often as dust, as they scoot about on hands and knees or toddle to peer out windows.

Seemingly harmless habits of chewing on fingers or finding comfort in sucking a thumb, can transport the toxin into a child's developing body.

Eating chips or flakes of the paint ratchets up the immediate danger of convulsions or coma and the chance of lifelong affects.

Here's why: Decades of research shows that lead paint blunts critical brain development that, before age six, sets the stage for academic achievement and behavior..."

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