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Battelle Decontamination of N95s – What We Know

Wednesday, April 1, 2020   (0 Comments)
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OACHC had a virtual meeting with Battelle and here are the highlights:

Information Sterilization Process:

Use vapor hydrogen peroxide over a 4 hour dwell time for N95s.  COVID-19 is relatively easy to kill, and Battelle’s process kills to the spore level. Thereafter, there is a 3-4 hour off gassing time.

N95 Collection Process:

N95s will need to labeled with code provided by Battelle for your CHC organization, you can then apply a 2-digit code to the mask if you want that specific mask returned to a specific site or individual specific.  Please do not put N95 in individual bags but rather put all labeled masks in plastic bag and then into a stericycle box.  Shipments can be sent to the West Jefferson facility or dropped off (see delivery instructions below).  Battelle is currently experiencing next day turnaround, but as they ramp up, it could increase to a 3-day turnaround.  Masks can be desterilized up to 20 times and Battelle will keep track and mark the mask with how many times it has been treated.


Visibly soiled masks are not eligible for decontamination and will be discarded. Battelle will do an incoming inspection looking for blood, lipstick, foundation, mucus etc. They are currently running a 10-20 percent discard rate; there is no return of discards and no charge for masks that are discarded.


$3.25 per N95.  Battelle has stated they are committed to driving the cost down as they scale up. Their goal is for a price reduction every two weeks.  Shipping to and from the facility is at your expense. And there is no minimum quantity needed to participate.  

Next Steps:

If this is something you would like to pursue, review and complete the attached

Battelle Agreement and return directly to David Giles at . Attached is also a sample task order, additional information from Battelle, as well as an excel document with assigned codes from Battelle per FQHC organization.  If you want to add an additional 2-digit code to designate a specific site within your organization, service line or individual, please contact Battelle directly at 1-800-201-2011, option 2 or 4.  


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