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I can’t remember my login/password? My login or password are not working?

Please fill out a contact form and someone will contact you shortly. The contact form can be found here.

How do I post a job to the OACHC website?

Please check out our Career Center for more information. Our Career Center can be found at

I don’t have insurance, where can I go to see a doctor?

All of our health centers accept uninsured and under insured patients of all ages, as well as individuals with public and/or private insurance too. Please click here to find a health center near you.

Where do I obtain information on what Medicare/ Medicaid covers?

Please call Medicare at 1-800-633-4227 or visit and Medicaid at 1-800-324-8680 or visit for coverage inquires.

Where is the nearest community health center to me?

Click here to check out our interactive map to find the closest health center.

How do I access my member portal?

You must sign in at the top of this page to access your member portal.  Your login is usually your email address or first and last name. 

How do I sign up to be a Health Center Advocate?

Use the online form by clicking here or you can click here to download, fill out and return a sign up form.

How do I request a Health Center Advocacy training?

Contact OACHC’s Policy and Advocacy Team at


Don't see your question here?  Contact us!