UDS Clinical Measures
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Each year health center program grantees and starting in 2102 all LAL’s report on their performance using the measures defined in the Uniform Data System (UDS).
This data is available for all the public to see and is often cited by various agencies as well as the Press when talking about the quality of care in health centers. All data is filed directly into the Center’s Electronic Handbook (EHB) each year in February. OACHC holds annual in person training for UDS completion in late fall/ early winter check our event calendar.



Quality of Care Indicators

  • Trimester of first known visit for women receiving prenatal care during reporting year.
  • Percentage of children who have received age appropriate vaccines who had their 3rd birthday during measurement year.
    • DTaP(4), IPV(3), MMR(1), Hib(3), Hep B(3), Varicella(1), PCV(4)
  • Percentage of female patients aged 24-64 who received one or more pap tests to screen for cervical cancer
  • Percentage of children and adolescents aged 3-17 during measurement year with a BMI percentile and counseling on nutrition and physical activity
  • Percentage of patients aged 18 years and over with BMI charted and follow up plan documented if patients are overweight or underweight
  • Percentage of patients age 18 years and older screened for tobacco use and received cessation counseling intervention or medication if identified as a tobacco user one or more times in the measurement year or prior year.
  • Percentage of patients age 5-40 diagnosed with persistent asthma who have an acceptable pharmacological treatment plan.
  • Percentage of patients aged 18 years and over with a diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease who were prescribed a lipid lowering therapy.
  • Percentage of patients aged 18 years and over with a diagnosis of Ischemic Vascular Disease or Acute Myocardial Infarction, CABG, or PTCA procedure with aspirin or another antithrombotic therapy
  • Percentage of patients aged 51-74 years of age with appropriate screening for colorectal cancer.
  • Percentage of patients whose first ever HIV diagnosis was made by health center staff between October 1 and September 30 and who were seen for follow up within 90 days of that first ever diagnosis.
  • Percentage of patients aged 12 years and older who were screened for depression with a standardized tool AND had a follow-up plan documented if patients were considered depressed.
  • Percentage of children age 6-9 years at “ELEVATED” risk for cavities who received a dental sealant on a permanent first molar tooth.

Health Outcomes and Disparities

  • Percentage of births to health center patients less than 2,500 grams
  • Percentage of adult patients with diagnosed Hypertension whose most recent blood pressure was less than 140/9
  • Percentage of diabetic patients whose Hemoglobin A1c levels are less than 8% and greater than 9%

Dental Sealant Measure

The BPHC has clarified the requirement for moderate to high risk.  

If the grantee has not used the ADA Dental Risk Assessment codes which were initiated in 2014 or tracked caries risk, an alternate method must be used to determine/estimate the size of the universe.  This file provides this guidance.  

Please note that the BPHC guidance specifically requires that caries risk assessment be based on patient-level factors and not population-based factors such as low socio-economic status.

For UDS content related questions, please contact the UDS Support line at 866-837-4357 or udshelp330@bphcdata.net.



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Did you know OACHC has a clinical list serv to communicate with all interested health centers clinicians? This list serv is a two way communication for you to post best practices, or ask questions that you may need assistance with from your health center peers.  OACHC also sends out important clinical  information/updates on a regular basis.

To be added to the clinical list serv contact: aballard@ohiochc.org


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