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Each Health Center's governing board is composed of a majority of individuals who are patients of the center. This ensures Health Centers are providing services based on and responsive to community need. Health Center Board Members volunteer their time, energy, and expertise to guide the work of their Health Center, and many are actively involved in other local organizations within the community where their Health Center is located and it serves.

Board Resources

On-site CHC Board Training

OACHC offers on-site board trainings to OACHC member health centers.  Please contact Samantha Porter to assist in scheduling one for your center.

Advocacy Training for Your Community Health Center Board

Advocacy trainings are designed to do two things: motivate and educate. The presentation is designed to motivate those with an interest in advocacy to move from the stage of "potential" advocates to "actual" advocates because without motivation, there is no action. However, without knowing how the process works or what we are advocating for, the motivation goes to waste. That is why the second part of the training is the actual nuts and bolts of "how to conduct successful advocacy". To schedule a training contact Julie DiRossi-King, Chief Operations Officer, at  You can also show your board this webinar to your board by clicking here.