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Oral Health is not optional!

Oral health and overall health are linked.  When the mouth is healthy, the body is more likely to be healthy, too.  And vice versa. Dental disease remains the single most common unmet healthcare need in Ohio. Committed to comprehensive, whole-person care, Community Health Centers provide a broad array of services, including comprehensive oral health care. Ohio’s Health Centers feature 85 dental centers that employ more than 142 full/part-time dentists and 99 dental hygienists. More than 138,725 patients were treated by Ohio Health Center dental providers via 330,695 care visits in 2016. With tremendous support of communities, partners, foundations, grants, and coalitions the vital oral health services provided in Ohio’s Community Health Centers gives everyone a reason to smile.


Community Health Center Dental Sites

For a list of health centers that provide dental services, click here and select 'dental care' as type of service.



Blood Pressure Screenings in Ohio’s FQHC Dental Centers

As partners in patient-centered care, the integration of oral health and primary care is a priority in Ohio’s FQHCs. Screening for hypertension by the dental team during daily intake is an effective method to educate and appropriately refer patients to their physician.  All patients screened in the dental setting who have been identified as having elevated blood pressure are referred for follow-up care.


UDS Dental Sealant Measure

Ohio is rated third in the Nation in placing Dental Sealants on children ages 6-9. According to the 2016 UDS measure, 64.9% children received a sealant on their first molar. Dental sealants measure introduced to the UDS in 2015 to capture the percentage of children, age 6-9 years of age, at moderate to high caries risk, who received a dental sealant on a first permanent molar during the measurement period.

Numerator: Children who received a sealant on a permanent first molar tooth during the measurement period.

Denominator: (Universe) Children 6 through 9 years of age who had a dental visit in the measurement period who had an oral assessment or comprehensive or periodic oral evaluation and are at moderate or high risk for caries in the measurement period.


Check out NNOHA's UDS Dental Sealant Webinar Recording and Materials and

OACHC's UDS Dental Sealant Webinar Recording and Materials.


ECOH/MOC Fluoride Varnish Project

Program Background 

The Ohio Association of Community Health Centers and Nationwide Children’s Hospital are proud to announce the nation’s first collaboration to sponsor the implementation and demonstration of a quality improvement project in practice using the American Board of Medical Specialties Maintenance of Certification (ABMS MOC®) program. OACHC gained sponsorship from Nationwide Children’s Hospital to provide Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credits for the execution of a fluoride varnish quality improvement program within Ohio’s 43 Community Health Centers. This program is based on the Early Childhood Oral Health Initiative (ECOH) that integrates preventative oral health practices within the primary care settings to improve young Ohioans oral health outcomes.

The ECOH Initiative has been active in Ohio’s health centers since 2008. It enables access and integrates oral health screenings as a standard of care during well-child checks for children nine to thirty six months of age within community health centers in Ohio.



  • Establish regular dental care for children by one year of age
  • Establish oral health screenings, caries risk assessments, fluoride varnish applications and to provide guidance and education to children’s caregivers regarding oral health
  • Significantly reduce oral health issues for children under three years old

Nationwide Children’s Hospital functions as the external sponsor organization of MOC credits for providers. The ABMS MOC® was developed to assist that physicians in attaining their goal of lifelong learning and competency.  


Modular Trainings



DentaQuest Institute is excited to share new video resources on how to speak with caregivers and patients about various topics related to Early Childhood Caries (ECC) prevention and management.  There are seven short (1-3 minute) videos that address many of the scenarios providers face every day.  We hope these resources are useful and help you to better navigate these topics with patients and families.  A special thank you to the Boston Children’s Hospital team (particularly Dr. Zameera Fida).


DentaQuest Disease Management Series

This learning series consists of 30 to 40 minute online learning modules including an Overview. Each module was designed to promote and increase prevention-focused thinking about oral health care. This information presented might be considered a refresher about some of the ways that you can implement the prevention-focused model for the management of dental caries and periodontal disease in your practice.


Motivational Interviewing





Susan Lawson, Oral Health Program Manager, (614) 884-3101,