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“Making Measurable Improvements in the Quality and Delivery of Healthcare in Ohio”


In May of 2018 OACHC contracted with Azara DRVS (Data Reporting and Analytics Solution) to develop the Ohio Data Integration Platform with a mission to create a scalable infrastructure for the network expansion and statewide population health. ODIP utilizes Azara DRVS to collect and aggregate data on patient populations to drive, evaluate and improve measures and interventions in Health Centers.

Steps OACHC Took to Determine a Data Analytic Tool Solution:


ODIP Overview:


The platform is a web based application that measures clinical, operational, and financial data. It maps to the health centers EMR and is capable of filtering the data fields into a user friendly dashboard with easy to use reports. ODIP will provide Ohio’s Federally Qualified Health Centers in a range of unique needs. Ohio’s health centers will benefit from population health and chronic disease management, care planning, regulatory compliance, as well as risk stratification.  OACHC is hoping to facilitate HIE and Payer connections to the ODIP in the near future to more accurately provide predictive modeling, and to aid in reducing disparities in health outcomes. The Ohio Data Integration Platform aims to create actionable data that health centers can utilize in real time to drill down to gaps in patient care to improve the quality of patient lives. The high level view of the data elements allows for the users to create ad-hoc reporting and analysis on specific measures to focus on improving the health of populations.

Aligning with OACHC Goals:

The Ohio Data Integration Platform aligns with OACHC’s strategic plan objectives:

1.    Engaging community health centers in collecting and integrating data for PCMH and Quality Improvement.

2.    Creating a culture of sharing and transparency with networking opportunities.

3.    Support community health centers in achieving clinical goals with Healthy People 2020 and reporting in full universe.


Ohio Association of Community Health Centers is first prioritizing the implementation of the Ohio Data Integration Platform with members of the Health Center Controlled Network. OACHC is looking forward to getting this project off the ground and cannot wait to see all the opportunities this will afford us as a state and as a network of community health centers.


To learn more about how the Ohio Data Integration Platform can benefit your health center and how to get started please contact Jessica Schaner at or visit Azara’s website at