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Preceptor Development Digital Training

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Participation Requirements

  • Complete a subcontractor agreement between OACHC and the FQHC annually.
  • Obtain and/or maintain national recognition of the primary FQHC site as a PCMH (NCQA, TJC, AAAHC, or URAC) or begin the application process for recognition within one year of precepting first student and become recognized no later than two years from precepting the first student. If PCMH recognition expires, the FQHC has one year for renewal.

    o NCQA-National Committee for Quality Assurance
    o TJC-The Joint Commission
    o AAAHC-Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care
    o URAC-Utilization Review Accreditation Commission

  • Designate an FQHC OPCWI Point of Contact (POC) who must participate in scheduled calls, attend at least one in-person meeting annually, and review the OPCWI Slack channel weekly. Slack is a peer-to-peer networking site that will allow everyone to stay connected.    
  • Precept one or more students from any of the following primary care disciplines: Medicine; Dentistry; Advanced Practice Nursing; Physician Assistant; and Behavioral Health (LSW, LISW, LPC, LPCC, LMFT, LCDC II, LCDC III, LICDC, and other).
  • Assure participating students meet the ‘Ohio Connection’ requirement for clinical rotations to be eligible for OPCWI.  The ‘Ohio Connection’ requires students to be enrolled in an Ohio school program, or Ohio must be their state of legal residence if enrolled in an out-of-state program.
  • Submit required paperwork and reports to OACHC within the designated reporting period following the end of each quarter including:

    o Quarterly Student Clinical  Rotations Report 
    o Quarterly Student Demographic Report (100% submission required)
    o Student evaluation of rotation experience (FQHC experience being scored, on average, 4/5 or better and  a minimum 70% response rate for the year makes the FQHC eligible for the reallocation fund disbursement at year end). Meeting this criteria makes the FQHC eligible for the reallocation fund disbursement at year-end
    o Each FQHC has the potential to reach the $50,000 soft cap; once this has been achieved the FQHC’s reported hours of precepting are recorded for their over-soft cap (reallocation) earnings. 

Preceptor Recommendations 

The recommendations are in place to increase professional development for the providers that are precepting students. By obtaining teaching, voluntary, or adjunct faculty appointments, the preceptors are contributing to the teaching mission of the college or university. This may include access to the school library and the wide array of learning and professional development opportunities given by the school with the earning potential of CME/CEU credits. 


  • Obtain teaching, voluntary or faculty appointments with affiliated schools, as applicable.
  • Include preceptor’s student teaching ability as part of annual clinician performance review by FQHC leadership.
  • Encourage preceptors to participate in at least one professional development opportunity annually, with preference given to those that enhance teaching skills. 

Preceptor Benefits-Preceptor Development Incentives

OACHC offers up to 60 stipends of $250 per preceptor (paid to the FQHC) to attend professional development workshops and conferences related to teaching and/or precepting.  These opportunities are in addition to the essential trainings and conferences offered by OACHC through OPCWI.


  • Criteria to receive stipends for the preceptor development incentive include the following:
    o Clinicians must have already precepted during the year prior to the stipend request.
    o Preceptors must submit proof of payment and proof of attendance to OACHC’s OPCWI Program Coordinator within 30 days after the event
    o Stipends awarded are dependent on allowable budget at the time of submission and appropriateness of activity as determined by OPCWI staff.
    o Stipends are paid once all required information has been submitted.

Reimbursement Methodology

Eligible FQHCs are entitled to earn up to an annual cap of $50,000 for precepting students. FQHCs must report student rotators quarterly to OACHC with all required reporting information in order to receive payment. Any remaining funds at year end will be reallocated to FQHCs that had sufficient student teaching volume to be eligible for earnings above the cap. The reallocation will be directed to qualified FQHCs based on the following criteria: their percentage of total students precepted in all FQHCs with volume over the cap; and, their student evaluations of their FQHC experience being scored, on average, 4/5 or better and a minimum 70% response rate for the year makes you eligible for the reallocation fund disbursement at year end


Program Contacts

The FQHC Primary Care Workforce Initiative will be monitored and implemented by the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers. The following OACHC staff will be responsible for program implementation:   

Carrie Farquhar | Director of Workforce Development | 
Marie Grady | Workforce Development Program Manager |