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QUARTER FOUR| 01/1/20 - 03/31/20

Please complete the report data below.  If you are unable to answer a question you can leave the space blank and submit the form.  All fields with a red asterisk are required.




CMS 69v7 - Adult BMI Screening and Follow Up 

CMS 125v8  - Breast Cancer Screening 
 CMS 124v7 - Cervical Cancer Screening

CMS 117v7 - Childhood Immunization Status
CMS 155v8 - Childhood Weight Assessment

CMS 130v7 - Colorectal Cancer Screening

CMS 2v8- Depression Screening and Follow Up

 CMS159 v8 - Depression Remission at 12 months 



CMS 122v7 - Diabetes HbA1c Poor Control
 Early Entry into Prenatal Care

CMS 165v7  - Controlling High Blood Pressure
CMS 349v2  HIV Screening 

 UDS - HIV Linkage to Care
 Low Birth Weight
 CMS 347v1 - Statin Therapy for the Prevention and Treatment of CAD